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Australian Shepherd

€ 695,00

We've got a very nice litter of Australian Shepherd puppies for sale. They're very nice and enthousiastic pups that can go with their new owner immediately. They've been treated for parasites multiple times and have had all of their vaccinations. Al of the puppies are chipped and have a European passport. We provide a warranty on all of the puppies that are sold here. When you choose to buy a puppy with us, we also give you a kilogram of Opti Life puppyfood that the dogs are used to. The price for one of these pups is 695 euros.

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Australian Shepherds need a lot of exercise. They are dogs that were originally bred to work. When an Australian Shepherd is used for garding sheep, they can run up to 100 km a day. A big garden or a place where the dog can run is necessary.



An Australian Shepherd is a good guardian that defenses his owner and his home, but he is rarely agressive.



Males up to 53 cm, females up to 48 cm



Different Colors



Half long hair

suitability with children


Because of it's heritage as Shepherd, an Australian Shepherd might try to herd children out of boredom. In general, they are very nice and are children nog problem at all.



The intelligence of the Australian Shepherd is both an advantage as a disadvantage. They pick up new commands very fast, but they are also very aware of what they will and will not do. Australian Shepherds are easy around people, as long as they have sufficient exercise and distraction.



The hair of the Australian Shepherd need regular brushing, mainly in spring.



The Australian Shepherd is the Australian brother of the English Border Collie. They are very intelligent shepherd dogs that can learn up to 3000 commandements.

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